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Easy to Get Started

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    Create a News Site instantly & for free

    Use Google, Apple ID, or your e-mail to create an account and your news site. Simple as that

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    Publish together with your community

    You don't have to dedicate full time to start publishing local news - empower your community to participate in generating the content, and simply approve news generated from sources you find credible - e.g. schools, local non-profits, institutions, community members...

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    Gain revenues from advertising and subscriptions

    Take advantage of the pre-built system for your local advertisers and the membership/premium content subscription system


An informed community is a thriving community. No more news deserts

We believe every local community, no matter how small, should have its own source of local information to enable access to vital information that impacts the lives of community members to encourage and engage them in community discussions, hold representatives accountable, and improve the community life. We believe local communities thrive when they get informed.

News with direct impact
Being aware of what is going on in the local community has an impact on the daily decisions of community members
Community engagement
Informed communities engage more in discussing the improvement of everyday life and holding government accountable
Our Mission

We believe you are the key to an informed community

No one can do it but you - a community member. Whether you have journalist experience, or you just have an incentive to help your community to get informed, we know how hard is to start with local news publishing. We have been there. This is why we built Newshood - to remove any obstacle for you to start news publishing, and focus only on informing and helping your community engage and thrive. To achieve this, we provide you with:

Free tech and expert support
Lack of tech and publishing knowledge will no longer be an obstacle to your success
Business model to reach sustainability
We provide clear guidelines on how to gain recurring revenues using our pre-built revenue system with the shortest path to sustainability

Learn more about the possibilities

Newshood is in the final stage of development which started in 2020. The Beta version will be released within a few months containing all CMS features needed to start news publishing with a few clicks. Advertising and subscription features will be added within the next 6 months from the release. For any additional questions feel free to contact us

Why is Newshood free?
Newshood is privately funded and developed with help of the Google Digital News Initiative fund grant. We plan to fund our platform by charging a small amount of fee for each subscription and ad you sell. We plan to charge you a 15% - 5% fee depending on your monthly income - the more you earn the less we charge, as long as we cover our running costs and can fund all operational costs for you and others that do not make revenues. Everything in Newshood is free of any subscription or charges. Even if you don't earn revenue, you can use it for free without any restrictions, and general incomes will cover all costs. Our mission is to help you and your community get informed, no matter if you make money or not.
Will I be able to use my own .com domain?
Of course. If you already own a domain or are thinking of buying one, simply drop us an e-mail, and we will explain how to connect your domain to your Newshood site. After everything is done, your domain (e.g., will point to the homepage of your NewsHood site. Please note that it may take a day to become active. Our service is completely free, and we would be glad to help you!
Who is responsible for editorial content on the site?
It's always you as an editor and owner of the site. Newshood is only providing accessible infrastructure to help you in empowering your local community to share and access vital everyday information. However, we hold the right to ban both site and editor if we encounter hate speech, fake news, or illegal content on your site.
Can I delete my site?
Yes. Go to Settings in your menu, and select Delete this site. Please be aware that all content (articles, photos) will also be permanently deleted, and is not recoverable.
Do I have to approve every article shared on my site?
You can assign a Contributor role to the users you find credible, and in this case, their articles will be published instantly without the need for your approval. Go to Users in your menu, click on the "More" icon, and you will see the user's role. When a Contributor publishes an article, you will receive an e-mail, and you will be able to edit or unpublish the article if you see a problem. You will also receive an e-mail if the Contributor edits the article.
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