Start your local digital news site in less than a minute

Create news together with neighbors, link articles, and gather all relevant information on the local community timeline.

*Beta release in July 2021

Run your digital news site
as effortlessly as your social media timeline

NewsHood is the closest digital news media publishing can come to social media and self-publishing, enabling you to run an entire legacy-like digital site even from your smartphone, with minimal time and effort required.

Contributors can add news

Let local community members write news directly into the site layout. You simply edit the article if necessary and publish (or reject) it!

Short news format

With information as the key, and to save you time, we put lots of thought into enabling a user interface for a short news format.

Sell ads, receive donations

Manage advertising and banners from a front-end editor and connect your PayPal account to receive donations from your community.

Share articles from the Web

You no longer need to retype articles from the web. Simply copy the URL in the top field, and it will convert to a news card on your timeline.

Edit from the Homepage

Manage content from the Homepage, write articles directly in the layout with preview, using a simple editor with keyboard shortcuts.

Send breaking alerts

When there is breaking news for your local community members, write a message, and site followers will instantly get an e-mail.

Free to use

Use NewsHood completely free of charge; there is no subscription fee for an unlimited time.


Your news site is optimized for all platforms - desktop, tablets, and mobile phones.


Collaborative publishing and short news format minimize the time for news publishing.

Permanent URL

NewsHood dedicates a permanent URL for your site, but you can also connect your own domain.

Create social value
for your local community

Local communities thrive when they are informed. We help you bring social value to your local community by providing you with a collaborative publishing tool for helping your neighbors get informed on matters that impact their daily lives.

  • Empower local institutions, schools, non-profits, sports clubs, and local businesses to share information with the community
  • Run a unique news timeline with vital information critical to your local community members
  • Become your local community caretaker, build your social status, or create your publishing business

Optimized for all platforms

How to start with NewsHood?

Setup and start in 30 seconds

Create your account, select a name for your site, add the site's location - and your site is online

Publish or import your first article(s)

Test basic features by sharing the URL of any article, or write your first article - it´s simple to delete them right after.

Manage categories and promote the site

Use hashtags to create or remove categories, and simply share the URL of your site or article on social media to invite users.

Ready to try NewsHood in action?

*Beta release in July 2021

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